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Tree Care Services


As a premier local tree service, we strive to offer the highest quality pruning or trimming possible. All our pruning is done to ISA…

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One tree or a hundred trees, no job is too big or small. There are few things better than watching a properly planted tree grow and thrive for years and even decades.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to extricate such very large and dangerous trees while doing no damage to the fine surroundings.

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Supplemental structural support for trees and branches. We’re experts in the cabling and bracing procedures that are the current industry standards.

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Free Firewood & Woodchips

Need a bunch of firewood or wood chips? We got you covered. We have stockpiles of several trees native to Northern Nevada, including cottonwood, maple, spruce, and pine trees.

Looking for wood chips for free mulch or a landscaping project? We are registered with Chip Drop! If you are looking for wood chips, please sign up at or contact us and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible to confirm a delivery time and place.

Professional and experienced tree care

We provide professional and knowledgeable arboricultural services for both residential and commercial properties, big and small. We work year-round and specialize in safe, considerate tree and shrub pruning, removal, and planting.

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